Welcome to The Waters of Typheus

Tifeo Ischia

The cosmetic products ” The Waters of Typheus” are the exciting encounter between the exceptional properties of mediterranean plants and the oldest thermal sources of southern Italy. The precious oligo – elements as iron, copper, zinc, fluorine, silver, manganese and silicium contained into thermal waters combined with the herbs and the plants to give you purity and vitality everyday. As during the Roman era, the matrones modus vivendi tended to harmonize, following the tradition, mind and body. From the old receipes that have been reproduced along the centuries, “Le Acque di Tifeo” represent the perfect synthesis of beauty for your face and body. These products are the result of meticolous hand made work for the protection and health of your skin. The cosmetics LE ACQUE DI TIFEO match every skin’s needs. They are tested under dermatological control.


Our products will never be tested on animals